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Thunder Cookie Gingerbread Stout

Honey, you dropped your gingerbread in my stout!

ABV:  7.5%
Color:  50 SRM
IBU:  22
Original Gravity:  1.073
Final Gravity:  1.016
2 Stage:  Optional
Starter:  Yes
Ready In:  6 Weeks

With the eerie tinkling of wind chimes and the ominous creak of a wind vane, the portentous black clouds pile overhead and blot from the landscape the final elements of daylight.  But hark!  With a cataclysmic clap of thunder, the clouds suddenly part and heavenly golden rays beam down upon a pedestal holding a glorious pint of this astoundingly black ale, with its dense, rocky head emanating a mouthwatering aroma that makes your mind swirl in a frantic attempt to resolve this dilemma: this beer looks like a stout, with its ethereal blackness drawing you into its mystery, and it tastes like a stout, with its bewitching collaboration between complex roastiness and luscious caramel sweetness, but those spices of cinnamon, ginger, clove and vanilla trick you into believing you’re indulging in—yes, a gingerbread cookie!  So grasp that pint from the pedestal and bask in those heavenly golden rays, for with that glorious rumble of thunder, you will know you are partaking in an enchanted ale!


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