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Slurp Juice New England IPA

Mouth watering, juicy & slurp sensational!

Original Gravity:  1.064
Final Gravity:  1.014
ABV:  6.6%
Color:  7 SRM
Recipe Size:  5 Gallons
IBU:  50
Ready In:  6 Weeks
Starter:  Recommended
2 Stage:  Dude, it's helpful

So what do you get when you take such superstar hops like Amarillo, Azacca, Centennial, Citra, Galaxy, Lemondrop, Mandarina Bavaria and Mosaic (pause for breath) and add them in such ridiculous quantities between the whirlpool and two dry-hopping sessions that you freak out your yeast to induce such alchemy known as biotransformation which creates a hop-haze that impregnates your palate with fruit-bomb flavors like apricot, blueberry, mango, orange, peach, passion fruit, lemon, lime and tropical fruit that sends your mind spinning in a humulone-induced daze?  You get Slurp Juice, of course, which is golden, soft and hazy, and it pours down your gullet with such eminent drinkability that you’re certain you are imbibing in this morning’s glass of juice. So take a greedy slurp of this fruit-juicy hop-bomb and get your juice on!


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